Customer' s Say..

Here are some of the photos our customers have shared with us and their Journeymen Bead purchases.  Send your photo to us at

Cheung Chau at Eselan Resort

Mayfair blue at Big Sur, CA

Bear Mountain and Venice Beach in Las Vegas

Palisades and Pani Raka

Venice Beach Coffee Break

Pani Raka and the Taringire


Ramapo and Palisades at a Sunday Brunch

Cheung Chau


Nathan Road

Ramp and Taringire in New York City

Pani Raka and Cheung Chau

Beacon Jade posing at Eselan

Napping with the Cheung Chau at Big Sur

Palisades and Pani Raka in Newport

Communting in NYC with the Cheung Chau

Mouan Sartoux at Magnifique Rock

Pani Raka in Nicaragua

Murano in Nicaragua

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