I've been trying for some time now to get this to the right place, but each time I think it's a bit under developed.  As a creator, the most difficult part is getting your vision to match your finished product.  Here I start with an amazing, inspiring photo and attempt to convey not only the pallet, but, what it means to me when I experience it.  

I've tried over the last 5 months to incorporate tiny Tibetan flags into this new piece.  It has been a difficult process.  Scale, pattern, texture and even durability all play into their inclusion.  I have oil stained them, covered them in flour paste, even left them be.  Still they don't seem to work.

Picutred here is my lastest attempt.  I can see on the surface that the bead pallet is too monochromatic and possibly the scale too big.  The flags here though work well.  Hence, one of many of the problems in creating - making scale work as an intuitive observation.  Tough sledding indeed.

It's all part of the process and not unique to any one piece I have created.  When you finish one, when you know it's right, the reward is fulfilling.

I'm still on a journey with this one but it is getting there.....