The least rewarding, harshest outcome of creating is rejection.  If your work eventually takes you to a rewarding finish, when the chaos of color, texture, ambience and story meld into something you are proud of, watching it burn a hole into a shelf is quite deflating.

And so it goes with the "Nathan Road", a piece I labored on for quite some time.  My inspiration was a busy market street on a hot and hazy April 2015 Sunday morning in Kowloon Hong Kong.  I sat with the image for over a year, attempting many times to convey the hues in a form that evoked the moment I stood there taking in the grit, smells and sights of a Chinese Sunday market.

But the piece has languished here, recieving many accolades but not one sale to date.  Of course you question why.  What is it that makes this one so inert in our shop?  Some have said the reason may be that it goes beyond the every-day wear sensibility we've been known for.   It seems our pieces are worn over and over on a daily basis. "It's pretty," they say, "but I wouldn't wear it every day."

So even if the piece works for us, even if we feel it is  a worthy representation of how we view the brand, it quite possibly doesn't fit into how otheres see it.  In that sense we are arrogantly pushing past how the work is seen. Instead of listening to those about our brand we attempt to sway our view upon them.  Our best chance at success is hearing others, what they love about who we are and dismiss the disappointment and despair when the work takes us away from connecting with them.