Wig Wam Motel Holbrook, AZ

It's been a tough year to travel so we've found ourselves looking around our home area for more inspirations in our work.  At the same time, the lack of a journey has made us a bit more reflective of the work, asking for inspirations from you, our customer, as to what and where we need to go.  Many of you asked us to see if we could create the same style and tone of beads but in a smaller scale around the wrist.  Comments like "I love your pieces but it's just too chunky for me."

So we've spent a great deal of time looking for quality curated beads that are smaller in scale but still deliver the rich tone and bohemian feel you've come to expect from Journeymen Beads.

Holbrook Cobalt Blue

One notable addition this year have been our ancient beads from the Dejene Trail in Mali, Africa.  We were able to purchase these exquisite artifacts from bead dealers in Brooklyn, New York and Northern California.  These beads date back as far as 600 years ago and were buried along the trail, excavated about 30 years ago and released by the Mali government for sale after they were sanctioned as Roman, not Mali artifacts.  Buried for hundreds of years, we strung them in strings of colbalt blue, dustry white and a mixture of both.  They are available here and on Etsy, entitled the Holbrook and inspired by the WigWam Motel located along Route 66 in that Arizona town.  It's a perfect example of what we are trying to achieve as we listen to what you would like.  

Holbrook Ancient Multi-Colored Bracelet

As always we use antique metal from Africa to give the strings texture and pattern beyond the beads.  And as always, they come with a great background story, actually allowing you to wear a piece of history.  I'll continue to post here in the next few weeks as new bead strings come up for sale here.  Always remember what we are shooting for here.  Beautiful works of art that tell a story of place an history.  More than that, a chance for you to wear these exoctic artifacts and add to their story.

Holbrook -$39.99 With Free Shipping